I-K-I Manufacturing Co., Inc., has been operating in the contract packaging field since 1955. Located in Edgerton, WI, with a satellite facility in Stoughton, WI, I-K-I started on the road to packaging with a staff of three and a beer tap spigot for a filling machine. Since that time I-K-I has enjoyed a continual growth. That single spout filler has been replaced with 10 packaging lines, 8 of which are devoted to pressurized products, more commonly known as aerosols.

I-K-I is unique in the aerosol industry in that it is strictly a contract packager. Neither I-K-I nor it's affiliates market a product, and the only item that I-K-I sells is a packaging service. Because of this policy, I-K-I does not compete with their customers in the marketplace. I-K-I has found another niche in the packaging field by offering services that are not found at other packaging houses, such as packaging products which are too hazardous, too messy, or too labor intensive. This ability to tackle difficult jobs coupled with the versatility to package a wide range of aerosol containers, including steel, glass, and aluminum, gives I-K-I the feeling that it has no competitors, only potential customers.

Part of I-K-I's success is attributed to founder Stan Midtbo's conservative philosophy. The company is debt free, yet has maintained a continuous growth to meet the packaging needs of it's customers. New facilities and equipment are constantly being added each year. The present packaging lines have the versatility of producing small runs of 1,000 units with quick changeover capabilities, to more automated lines for larger production runs.

Our fastest line is capable of speeds of 300cpm. I-K-I has the capability of using all forms of propellent systems, including carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and dimethyl ether. For those marketers who desire a more established look, without the commitment of the minimum requirements for lithographed containers, in house silk screening is also available

Being in a rural area has its advantages, including a work force that has a strong quality minded work ethic, and little employee turnover. Another advantage is the relatively inexpensive cost of real estate, which allows I-K-I to offer warehouse and dropshipping programs to their customers at substantially lower rates. Their current corporate offices are located in a 39,000 square foot building, built in 1908 as the Edgerton High School and renovated by them for use as an office complex. They also recycled a 1904 condensed milk plant, for a fraction of current building costs, into a high speed aerosol production facility.

I-K-I believes that there is a business team triangle, point "A" consisting of the customer, point "B" of the employee, and point "C" of the vendor. Without these three points, one cannot have a successful business. Within the triangle, I-K-I strives to develop a long term relationship. Above all, the company stresses to each member of this business team that I-K-I must be profitable, while maintaining a level of high quality at a competitive price. The I-K-I team is fond of saying that the "ONLY PRESSURE WE HAVE, IS IN THE CAN."

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