I-K-I Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a recognized SPECIALIZED CONTRACT AEROSOL PACKAGER in the Chemical Specialties Products Industry. The future may see the company address other viable business opportunities in the packaging industry. It will continue, however, to service long-standing and loyal customers; foster high standards for itself and its customers; and provide appropriate capital and employee training to meet the needs of its customers and employees.

Our I-K-I Philosophy as an efficient packaging organization is to participate in trade associations and work with our customers as knowledgeable, competent professionals and to maintain the integrity of the industry by being credible and ethical, with concern for health, safety, and environmental impacts of our customer's products and our manufacture of them. We especially value long-term relationships with and between our customers, vendors and employees. I-K-I Manufacturing Co., Inc. Contract-packages aerosol products for customer, medical, institutional and industrial purposes.


Foster high standards for our customers; in concern for the health, safety, and environmental impacts of their products.
Address legislative and regulatory challenges at the federal and state levels;
Reasonably meet the needs of our customers for technical and legal guidance.
Foster the growth and well-being of the company.


Improve our ability to satisfy or exceed customer requests.
Generate sufficient resources to achieve our goals and objectives.

  The I-K-I Philosophy   
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