The Primary Industries We Serve.

Since 1955, we’ve been honing our competencies, finding new supply chain opportunities, and working to meet customer needs where our competitors can’t. Learn about the main spaces where IKI is at the forefront of aerosol developments.

a man in a blue shirt working on a car spraying an engine cleaner


Nearly a quarter of our longstanding business partnerships involve automotive maintenance products and coatings. We handle every step from formulation to filling, packaging, and shipping for the car care name brands you know and trust.

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Insecticides &
Personal repellants

Our second largest product segment is one of our earliest forays into aerosol; IKI once stood for “Insect Killers Incorporated.” Without in-house brands, we quickly expanded beyond that niche, but our handling of EPA-registered solutions for indoor and outdoor insect products remains second to none.

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a close up of a person holding a spray can used to kill a bug
a person holding a green and white spray bottle in their hand

Home Care

From kitchen countertops to bathroom tile, and everything in between, we work with EPA-registered substances to provide one-fifth of our customer base with cleaning products that live up to the highest quality standards.

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DIY Lubricants &

Rounding out our top four product segments are sprayable solutions designed to reduce friction and wear for mechanical applications. It’s a fitting area of expertise, considering IKI's commitment to making the manufacturing process as smooth as possible for our customers.

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a close up of a person spraying a bike chain
a man working on a table with aerosol adhesive


Spanning a range of viscosities and specific material applications, aerosols designed to bind things together are roughly a tenth of our manufacturing output. Our expertise in accommodating a vast array of solvents and propellants comes in handy, here.

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A growing portion of our business involves aerosols for construction applications. As we continue demonstrating our value and handling even more of our customers’ specialized, midsize SKUs, we're producing products like expanding foam, sealants, and more.

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a man wearing a hard hat and holding a aerosol spray foam
a woman is petting a cat with her hand


Whether it’s spray-on shampoo, flea and tick prevention, or cleaning formulas designed specifically to break down pet stains, we manufacture a range of products that help customers care for their furry best friends.

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Chances Are, We Partner With Someone In Your Industry.

In the rare case that we don’t, we pride ourselves on being nimble and adaptable, thanks to modernized equipment and skilled technical staff. After all, every vertical we listed above was once brand new to us. Let’s talk about how our full product support and supply chain solutions can help us be the only aerosol manufacturing solution your business needs.

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