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From concept to store shelf, we deliver agile aerosol solutions. IKI’s efficient processes, experienced team, and constant customer support help our partners compete in an increasingly demanding industry where lead times are everything. A multi-line filling strategy equips us to tackle orders of any size, with a focus on highly technical and specialized products.

Expertise Meets Flexibility

Our Aerosol Applications Lab provides an edge in research & development, aerosol formulation, package development, and new product launch support. We can transform existing products, making them more sustainable and cost-effective, or formulate products from scratch – testing various propellants, solvents, and packaging until we’ve we arrive at the best possible product.

Aerosol Filling

With multiple high-speed lines and skilled technical staff, we can accommodate any conceivable aerosol need – scaling up from short pilot runs to full-scale production as soon as the need arises. We always reserve 10% of our 120,000,000 unit production capacity to remain flexible and meet sudden spikes in demand.

quality, Transparency, and COST-Efficiency

These tenets of service have built – and continue to refine – our proven processes. Our supply chain team’s main goal is efficiently fulfilling customer demand, creating outstanding value for our partners. They do this by monitoring global commodity prices, identifying market risks, and sourcing materials at the most opportune times through our thriving network of suppliers and vendors.

every one of our customers gets a dedicated account manager.

Customers are also encouraged to use our web-based customer portal, which is connected directly to the IKI ERP and scheduling system. If production changes happen, our customers get the latest info in real time, with a proactively-communicated plan for overcoming any challenges. Visualizations using the customer portal’s centralized data offer priceless business intelligence and help us refine individual projects.

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Catered to Your Specialized Needs.

Unmatched commitment, backed by diverse capabilities.

  • Flexible Minimum Order Quantities.
  • Agile, High-Speed Lines.
  • Materials Expertise that Spans Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, and Bag On Valve (BOV) Production.
  • Equipment Designed for Propellants Including Hydrocarbons, C02, DME, and 1234ZE.
  • Conveniently Located Within One Hour of Two Major Airports
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