Development is Underway on Our New Technology Center

Over nearly seven decades in contract aerosol manufacturing, IKI has never let “good” be good enough. Innovation requires risks, experimentation, and collaboration. That’s exactly what our new, multifunctional Technology Center is designed for.

This 6,000-square-foot facility includes open floor plan office space and conference rooms, as well as a cutting-edge lab devoted to research & development, instrument testing, and quality control. Our teams can collaborate more seamlessly than ever before, quickly testing changes and refinements to the aerosol products we manufacture.

Our Tech Center will support IKI’s efforts in both Existing Product Development (EPD) and New Product Development (NPD).

EPD focuses on products that may have been affected by global supply chain issues, chemical cost increases, or new regulations, helping them work just as well as – if not better than – before. This can involve exploring new propellants, modified formulations, structural modifications to the product’s canister, and other adjustments.

NPD is a great opportunity for IKI’s technical expertise to shine; with a clear goal in mind, our skilled team members draw on a wealth of past research and successes as they venture into the unknown. We compare dozens of ingredient and propellant combinations in pursuit of total customer satisfaction, delivering maximally sustainable, cost-effective aerosols.

We’re incredibly excited about the breakthroughs and advancements that our Technology Center will make possible. It’s the next great step in our ongoing mission: being the only resource customers need as they take products from concept to store shelf.

Check back soon for the latest updates!